Good things start with good intentions. At INA KOELLN we believe in challenging the status quo of the environmental and social crisis within the fashion industry. The future of fashion depends on people, and we pursue to pioneer change. Each decision we take is a symbol of our commitment to our philosophy: Creating fashion without compromise, but with an absolute respect for the environment and people.

Since 2013, the essence of our brand lies in our choice of exquisite materials, essential designs, excellent quality, and local craftsmanship. We inspire and implement alternative solutions, and embrace radical transparency.

INA KOELLN stands for minimalist, timeless designs and special attention to every detail with a focus on sustainability. We use the best quality materials, which are transformed into timeless pieces by the hands of our masters. Our designs are for all who define aesthetics as a balance of taste and attitude. We design our handmade bags to last, to be worn and to be loved.

Right from the beginning, we have been working with premium, organic, and sustainable materials with the least impact on the environment. Our materials are soft and easy on the skin, sustainably harvested without chemicals and sourced in Europe. We chase new innovative approaches for our bags, but also celebrate the old traditional crafts.

By choosing to create and produce our collection locally in Portugal, we praise ethical and honorable work and local communities. For complete transparency, we maintain a close relationship not only to our Portuguese manufacturers but also to all our European suppliers.

We are devoted to being true to our ideals of fair trade, social responsibility, and minimum environmental impact. We delicately add these values to our products and bring you a collection with a fresh sense of fashion. You are all very welcomed to join us on our journey of change. Please feel free to contact, ask questions, or simply to say hi!