Ends and Beginnings to a Sustainable Fashion Brand

Nothing really ends, and the exact moments where beginnings form can seldom be pinpointed. But we try, in search of a definition. Of closure. We try to read the patterns on the roads well-traveled by our soles and souls in search of understanding. To understand not only what we left behind but, also, what lies ahead. 

We need to comprehend the beginning and end of something so we can distill its purpose. When we, as Ina Koelln, think of our journey as a sustainable fashion brand, we try to remember the moment when we saw we could contribute to the world of fashion, and to the world itself, with our creations.

Because being clothed is something everyone needs. But it’s also part of one’s self-expression, so it should be more than a piece of fabric, no matter how beautiful it may be. Maybe our core values as a conscious brand began when growing in the outskirts of the Black Forest, I wished I could preserve it forever like it was then: immense. Mysterious. Alive.

Since we started this journey, sustainability, ethics, and care for the environment have always been at the center of what defines us. What matters is the design, the quality of the materials, the care in manufacturing, the eye for beauty.

Chic can be green.

So our end, really, lies in the same spot where everything began: the need to preserve the beauty we saw in nature and use it as inspiration to create other beautiful things. It’s a tribute: to whoever chooses to wear our definitions of beauty, and to the world (who, let’s face it, currently needs all the help it can get).