Blueprints for a Happier and More Sustainable 2019

Now that everyone is thinking about their new year resolutions to better themselves, we at INA KOELLN would like to give some resolutions of our own to help make the world a better, more sustainable place to live. It’s super easy and, also, effort-free. We promise!


First of all, BIG CHANGES START SMALL. Relax: improving yourself and your attitudes don’t have to drain your energy or steal your time. Just focus on the new mindset of trying to improve and, organically, little by little, one step at a time, the rest will follow.


DON’T WASTE (as much). It’s almost impossible to achieve zero waste, as almost everything we use and wear is disposable. Beat the system: when buying consider sometimes investing on products with a higher degree of quality that can withstand trends and are made to last than it is to buy cheap, consumer-oriented products that will quickly decay and become obsolete. That’s what we try to do with our products: we design them so they can be timeless and last a lifetime.


POSITIVE CHANGES COME IN DIFFERENT WAYS. If, for example, every time you go to the beach you collect three pieces of plastic that gesture, albeit small, does have an impact on cleaning the beaches and prevent ocean plastification. If you reduce your meat intake by a couple of meals a week, even if you can’t muster the courage to stop eating or using animal products altogether, it’s still a step in the right direction on lowering the harmful impact livestock production on the environment.


GIVE BACK. Human species thrive because of altruism. It’s also a scientifically proven fact, which makes it a relief: now you can try to be good to others, always, guilt-free! Remember that we better our society (and ourselves) when we care for those in need. Again, you don’t need to invest in great, epic projects to eradicate poverty in the world; just do the right thing when the opportunity presents itself to you.

That’s our blueprints to be better in 2019 for the day! If you want to, leave us a message telling us of that little, precious idea you thought of to improve yourself and mend the world. We’d love to hear it and share it with everyone because good things deserve to be known and passed around.



Poster Artist: Miller, J. Howard