If you’ve been paying attention, you know the love we have for cork – the poster child for high-end sustainable and vegan fashion. Cork is like that overachiever that does it all effortlessly and with a smile on its face – it goes to space, it grows on trees and it goes on bags, all the while looking good each and every time.



It also has a lot going for it when it comes to style – its colors and patterns, for starters. Either with sandy, sunny tones of beige, or scattered grids of different warm, deep tones of brown, cork is just dope all around. Yes. Cork is dope.

Its uniqueness of patterns comes from the life each tree had, making each and every cork bag unique, in dazzling displays of entropic nature patterns. They’re discreet and chic; however, when looked closely, they’re a feast of shapes and different hues of color.

Like denim or leather, cork goes well with just about everything. It’s very sober but smooth, not just to the touch but to the eye as well. It also pops out from the usual patterns of well-known clothing materials, elevating any look – maybe it appeals to our primal senses of aesthetics, sensing its origin from the times when just about everything was sustainable and pollution-free. Who knows?

Either way, check out our cork products, grab a cork bag for yourself and understand why the industry has recently bloomed, primed to take over the world, a vegan, chic secret just waiting to be discovered.