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Cork Bags

Made from star fragments, tanned by the sun, worn beneath the skies.

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Vegan Backpack

Made from Piñatex -
Pineapple leaf fibers

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Salmon Leather Collection

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Ina Kölln

Our Mission

We believe in challenging the status quo of the environmental crisis and in questioning each decision. The way we challenge the status quo is by inspiring and implementing alternative solutions, causing no unnecessary harm. We happen to be brilliant at creating minimal bags with an natural sophisticated ease.


Piñatex Clutch

She was beginning to suspect that all of her most important moments and objects in her life had, without exception, been a product of chance. A pattern, thought, seemed to emerge from those moments and objects: they were all unexpected, strong, nuclear, as undeniable as the excitement before a trip or a night promising to never end. Her LOLITA is clutch and a bag, the inescapable, indomitable black accessory. Like her, it was made to last forever.

Piñatex Clutch
Piñatex Clutch
A combination of the new and innovative Piñatex™,
made from pineapple leaf fibres, and sustainable leather-substitute

“INA KOELLN brand is the perfect blend of contemporary designs with ethical and sustainable materials and production. This is what makes INA KOELLN the perfect fit for a store like ours, as there is no sacrifice of quality design in their pursuit of sustainable accessories.”


– Julia Mylne, Owner of Lagom Studio –