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Our Mission

At INA KOELLN we believe in challenging the status quo of the environmental and social crisis within the fashion industry. The way we do so, is by inspiring and implementing alternative solutions and radical transparency rather than causing unnecessary harm. We happen to be brilliant at creating sustainable bags ethically made in Europe, with an natural sophisticated ease.


Piñatex Clutch

She was beginning to suspect that all of her most important moments and objects in her life had, without exception, been a product of chance. A pattern, thought, seemed to emerge from those moments and objects: they were all unexpected, strong, nuclear, as undeniable as the excitement before a trip or a night promising to never end. Her LOLITA is a clutch and a bag, the inescapable, indomitable black accessory. Like her, it was made to last forever.

Piñatex Clutch
Piñatex Clutch
A combination of the new and innovative Piñatex™,
made from pineapple leaf fibers, and sustainable leather-substitute

Nature powers our sense of fashion.

Sustainable bags ethically made in Portugal.



Our Materials

We focus on premium, natural and sustainable materials and embrace radical transparency for you to know exactly what you’re paying for. Our raw materials are sourced in Europe and we pay special attention to their influence on our environment and people. We search for new innovative approaches but also support old traditional craft as long as the outcome is helping us to create the best possible product. Handcrafting and subtle color variations make each product an utterly unique piece.

Back view of the brown shoulder bag with open sides where as the body is made of pinatex and the adjustable string and the flap cover are made of vegan leather
Find out more about Piñatex™ by clicking HERE
black and white picture of an closeup of a hand sewing with an industrial sewing machine

Our Production

INA KOELLN is an European fashion brand, created in Germany and developed in Portugal. So we found it was paramount to base our operations in Europe and, more specifically, in Portugal. It only made sense, as a fashion brand, to produce our products locally. Industries keep communities alive and flourishing.

This is part of a brand’s social responsibility, we believe. Choosing to create and produce locally instead of moving our production overseas has its benefits and costs. It is a struggle to find manufacturers that will accept to produce small quantities at affordable prices. But we prefer to be faithful to our ideals of fair trade, social responsibility and minimum environmental impact and spend a bit more on our production. It is important, we feel, for you to be able to know and understand the choices that we make, as they are translated into a price tag.


“INA KOELLN brand is the perfect blend of contemporary designs with ethical and sustainable materials and production. This is what makes INA KOELLN the perfect fit for a store like ours, as there is no sacrifice of quality design in their pursuit of sustainable accessories.”


– Julia Mylne, Owner of Lagom Studio –

Our World

A look behind the scenes: Musing and ideas about our place in the world of fashion.