Lola Fish Leather


Mini Clutch

She was beginning to suspect that all of her most important moments and objects in her life had, without exception, been a product of chance. A pattern, thought, seemed to emerge from those moments and objects: they were all unexpected, strong, nuclear, as undeniable as the excitement before a trip or a night promising to never end. Her LOLA is a mini clutch and a bag, the inescapable, indomitable black accessory. Like her, it was made to last forever.

Dimensions (W x H x L): 20 x 14 x 3.5 cm
Length of strap: 118 cm
Weight: 190g
Max. Load: 0.9 kg

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Usage & Care

Our salmon leather is water-repellent, biodegradable and exceptionally easy to maintain. A dry cloth or a soft brush is all you need to keep it looking great. Fish skin is a natural product and therefore responds to its environment; sometimes darkening with prolonged use and skin contact.

salmon leather Clutch
salmon leather Shoulderbag

Details & Dimensions

LOLA is an elegant and minimalistic clutch that allows you to always have your favorite belongings with you. A resistant magnet makes sure that your possessions are kept safely. Made from naturally processed, high-quality and strong black leather and caramel salmon skin, the clutch has a particularly nice touch. Thanks to the knotted straps, LOLA might as well be casually carried over your shoulder. With those two different ways of carrying, this clutch is very versatile in use and accompanies you to fancy evening events as well as in your everyday life.