Charles Black Piñatex

There is nothing left to say that has not been said: the ocean and forest’s hum will forever own our souls, chic died for our fashion sins so we could go on living, leopards seem to instinctively always know how to dress, catharsis seems to elude us the more we search for it, electronic music’s been drowning deep in velvet for a while, surf’s overrated – and also, sometimes, you know, underrated. Life’s just too fleeting and arcane, out there, too much for us to fully comprehend it.  We believe that having a nice bag helps with that. Our CHARLES is vegan and crafted with care, attention to detail and sustainable materials – a sturdy sail to navigate through the waters of reality. We think it’s cute enough, cool enough, strange enough. Kinda, probably, like you. Or, you know, nothing like you, which also seems to be the point of wearing it.

Dimensions (W x H x L): 51 x 29 x 23 cm
Two leather handles: 25 cm each
Length of strap: 104 cm
Weight: 800g
Max. kg: 3 kg

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Usage & Care

Piñatex is a natural, innovative and patented new material made from pineapple leaf fibres gathered by partner farming cooperatives in the Philippines. Piñatex fibres are the by-product of the pineapple harvest and provides new additional income for farmers. No extra land, water, fertilizer or pesticides are required to produce them. No pineapple is harmed in the process.

Piñatex is strong, breathable, soft, light, flexible, water resistant and absolutely easy to maintain. By impregnating your product before use you protect it from stains. Piñatex is easy to clean by hand with a damp cloth.

Piñatex Dufflebag
Piñatex Dufflebag

Details & Dimensions

Vegan Duffle bag made of Piñatex with handles and adjustable shoulder strap made of sustainably produced leather substitutes. Handcrafted in Portugal. Our vegan CHARLES made of soft Piñatex offers generous storage space. Besides the main compartment, the cotton lining has a zipped pocket for valuables and a sewn-in patch pocket for your small belongings. The soft handles feel nice in your hands and the adjustable, ergonomic shoulder strap makes carrying the bag even more comfortable. The double zip opening allows you to add a small lock, your belongings will be safe inside. All this makes our CHARLES duffle bag the perfect companion for short weekend trips and ideally suited as hand luggage on aircraft traveling.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg

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