Now that I’ve put in all the work, left my town, left my country, fell in love at least once too many, started a company and developed a brand, I finally return: here, to Berlin, and am greeted by the strangest and most pleasant summery days. To network, sleep – and live a little.

Berlin’s different – or maybe I just feel it’s changed so much because I’ve changed as well but, boy! Does it still have that amazing vibe, that capital of the world quality one can’t really pinpoint why. I may miss the sea nearby – which produces that foamy, scattered light and that cool, rebellious wind – but I missed all the green Berlin has. All its logic. Nature seems to develop around neighborhoods, and trees slither still on every corner. The Tempelhofer Feld airport, now closed, is now a park and its once barren, large cement tracks are now a nature reserve filled with vibrant, vaste fields full of birds, groves of trees, grassy floors and people from all over practicing yoga, riding their bikes, falling from skateboards…

It seems that Berlin knows I miss the sea and my old, small coastal city of Lisbon, giving me everything I want – so I don’t have to think about returning home. It seems to be working. And, so far, the days keep melting into each other – from meeting to meeting, project to project, keeping the hustle real while I traverse its wide, straight streets on the saddle of a bicycle, looking like I’ve never left; but at the same time, feeling like one of the many outsiders who live and work here, pumping Berlin’s heart with the blood of creativity and entrepreneurship.

The weather being great doesn’t hurt, either.

I’m missing it already, and I haven’t even left.