Fishleather Gloves



Our manufacturing philosophy is rooted in dualities: soft and rugged, hot and cold, his and hers, light and dark – or, by merging both concepts, chiaroscuro. It’s with this confrontation between opposites in mind that our LENA  gloves are designed. Made with lamb and salmon skin; with a clear general idea of comfort and functionality and a keen eye with attention to detail; with lining and seams on the back of the hand so the palm may function with freedom and flexibility. We can’t escape dualities – they’re left and right. Here’s to our pair.

Sizes: 7.5 – 10
Weight: 100g

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Usage & Care

Our vegetable tanned salmon leather is water-repellent, biodegradable and exceptionally easy to maintain. A dry cloth or a soft brush is all you need to keep it looking great. Fish skin is a natural product and therefore responds to its environment; sometimes darkening with prolonged use and skin contact.

Fishleather Gloves
Fishskin Gloves

Details & Dimensions

Gloves made from soft but resilient black lamb- and caramel salmon leather. The upper inner side of the glove features a lambskin lining, in order to keep your hands warm, while still providing your palms enough flexibility. The salmon leather on the upper side of the gloves adds a refined finish to the attentive and functional design.

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