Pippa Blue Leather Clutch



Life may not be a Rubik’s cube, but it’s a puzzle – our job is to make sure the pieces we own fit. Case in point: you have a full day ahead filled with, among other commitments, an early business meeting, the quintessential hop to the gym during lunch hour and, before night falls, meeting with friends somewhere before going all together to see that band with the kind of songs that forbid you from keeping seated or standing still. How do you solve this particular puzzle? You should start by foregoing putting on some high heels, and end with our PIPPA clutch held safely in your hands. We designed PIPPA clutch in blue leather to be that one piece that always fits. No matter the puzzle.

Dimensions (W x H x L) : 25 x 18 x 2.5 cm
Weight: 260g
Max. kg: 400g

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Usage & Care

The leather we use is resistant, vegetable tanned cow-skin sourced in Europe. Due to the chemical free tanning process we are preserving the natural appearance of the skin. Leather is a natural product and therefore responds to its environment, sometimes darkening with prolonged use and skin contact.

Our leather is very easy to maintain. A dry cloth or a soft brush are the only thing you need to keep it looking perfect. In order to protect the products from being stained, a water and stain repellent suitable for leather can be applied.

Zoom on the back of the blue-greyish vegetable tanned leather clutch showing one seam and a engraving saying "Handmade in Portugal, limited edition"
side view on a lying down Clutch made of blue-greyish vegetable tanned leather

Details & Dimensions

PIPPA is an elegant and minimalistic clutch that allows you to always have your favorite belongings with you. A strong magnet and a zip opening makes sure that your possessions are kept safely. Made from vegetable tanned cow-leather, the clutch has a particularly nice  and soft touch.

Additional information

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