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Who I Am

My name is Katharina aka Ina Kölln, originally from the black forest in the south of Germany but chose Portugal as my home for the last decade. I’ve been in the Portuguese fashion and textile industry for the past 10 years, with a special focus on sustainability. My bags and accessories brand INA KOELLN has been my biggest challenge and masterclass in the last few years. Recently I decided to use my knowledge and experience to support other brands on their journey. Speaking 4 languages and using my gift to connect and built up honest and lasting relationships are some added values when it gets to doing my job as an consultant.

I’m managing ethical , sustainable and small to big batch production in Portugal for independent designers and brands. Which means building strong, transparent and long term relationships with factories and suppliers. Driving improvement projects across your entire supply chain and ensuring consistent, high-quality and on time supply of your production.

My Services

Located in the heart of Portugal, I am managing productions at Portuguese mills for european independent designers and brands. I covers all services related to design, development and production since the first sketch until it’s shipment. Working hand in hand with industry specialists ensures the best possible product. My network of factories, each of them specialized in a specific field consists of manufacturers with reliable production techniques and many years of experience.

My Mission is to find the best fit for your need and ensure the highest quality and consistency in your manufacturing supply chain. Combining a decade of industry experience that’s paired with a global network of resources – I’m dedicated to help you build your brand in the most transparent and sustainable way, ensuring high quality and flexibility with minimum orders at fair price with no social hazards.

Design Development / Concept

I’m supporting with professional advice on creative and technical design of your garment/ accessory/ shoe, if needed. Including processing techniques, finishing processes, as well as on sustainability concepts. Support for the selection of raw materials, additives and implementation of a first estimated independent cost calculation and production planning. Development of technical documentation like technical drawings and specification sheets for factory.

Pattern Drafting / Graduating

Whether new development, implementation according to design template with or without core dimensions or cut acceptance of a model template, I’ll set up your cuts together with your factory and will convert them into production cuts. We digitize your hand-cuts or create patterns according to your specifications and advise you on target-group-specific size systems, calculate the material consumption and work on fit and refinement.

Sourcing Services

My primary mission, is to find with continuing effort the best fit for each project and create partnerships with production sites and suppliers based on trust and quality products. On the world’s leading materials and textile fairs I procure the ingredients necessary and best matching for your production. Together we establish long-lasting cooperations with suppliers and manufacturers to ensure long term, mutual interests are met.

Prototyping / Development

With our Portuguese partner factories we develop and produce your first samples or duplicates. At this stage, you may evaluate the design, construction details, measurements chart and the fit of the product and I will take care of all the follow up of the prototype’s adjustments and development. After all changes, a new sample will be provided. By now, we’ll be using the approved fabrics, color, trims and size labels. Before the production begins, we will provide you a final correct sample to evaluate the reproduce-ability in bulk production of the product. The production starts only when approved by you. During the development phase I’ll negociate for you the most attractive conditions in terms of quantities and prices possible, but will always respect the product, the people and the planet in the process.

Production / Quality Control

With the best fitting partner factory we produce your small series, as well as medium and large volumes. In this phase you will have access to shipment samples. Together we establish a appropriate Quality assurance which will be executed on during the production of your product. Quality control is practiced right from the initial stage of sourcing raw materials to the stage of final finished garment. Once received your final order you just need to confirm that your product is perfect.

How It Works

Building an apparel brand isn’t easy. It takes guts, grit, financial resources, expertise and sometime somebody “kicking ass” in the eld. That’s where I come in. Being on site, speaking the language, understanding the culture and having done mistakes with my own brand, I’m your (wo)man dealing with your production at Portuguese mills. I would love to share my knowledge with you and become part of your project. You be assured, I will “kick ass” for you.

Production Application

Ready to start production, or interested in getting to know me better? The first step is to fill out the Production Application below so I can determine your needs and whether I can be of help or not. Please answer the questions with as much information possible.

The more you tell me about your vision and your product, the better I will be able to assess whether I am a good fit for you. If you have photos, sketches, or other info to send along with your application, or please email them as an attachment to Alternatively you can give me a call and we talk about details on the phone: 00351 919672224.


Knowing your side, as a brand owner myself I will always take my time to consider the service you’ll need and to get to the fairest way of renumeration for your project.

Pricing and conditions are individually adapted to each project and the quote depends on complexity, and services requested. Once I have the big picture and a real idea of your needs I will sent you an offer which will be based or on an hourly pay or a fixed rate for the entire project. Usually I work with 50% prepayment to launch the project and 50% payment with delivery of your final goods.

To get your quote, please fill out the application form or sent me an email to