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The old receipts, over a thousand times folded. All the store cards where one has not yet returned. The foreigner tickets with faded dates concerning bus and train trips already forgotten. Fragments of papers with numbers whose meaning have been lost in time. The white, rugged business cards given by friends met on the street by chance. Children’s photographs. written notes by current and former lovers. Messages scribbled on folded pieces of paper towels. Our LORI, in leather and salmon skin, was designed to pass the most important test for a wallet: being able to safely store the shards of someone’s life.

Dimensions (W x H): 15.5 x 10 cm
Weight: 110g

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Usage & Care

Our vegetable tanned salmon leather is water-repellent, biodegradable and exceptionally easy to maintain. A dry cloth or a soft brush is all you need to keep it looking great. Fish skin is a natural product and therefore responds to its environment; sometimes darkening with prolonged use and skin contact.

vegetable tanned leather Wallet
vegetable tanned leather Wallet

Details & Dimensions

This roomy XL wallet, made from high quality black goat- and caramel salmon leather, provides enough space to store your money, receipts, cards and important documents. A magnet on the front makes it handy to open and close the wallet. Thanks to the exquisite and 100% naturally processed materials, this purse has a particularly nice touch. High-quality materials and minimalistic, elegant design make this wallet a stylish and sustainable companion in your everyday life.

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