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Peggy Brown Piñatex

How could I ignore the importance of objects when they hold the potential to help me define the world and, thus, myself? PEGGY, my eco friendly vegan brown Pinatex Shoulder bag, was one of those cases: I ended up using it at work, on weekends, fastened and falling, rested on my shoulders or strapped behind my back. It ends up appearing on many of my pictures with the rest of the group in Lisbon. With him on the streets of Tangier. On my first visit to Portland. When it exists with me, lives with me and is with me, an object is more than just an object. The purse transcends its purpose. It’s my PEGGY.

Dimensions (W x H x L): 30 x 23 x 5 cm
Length of strap: 110-118 cm
Weight: 450g
Max. Load: 1.3 kg

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Usage & Care

Piñatex is a natural, innovative and patented new material. It’s made from pineapple leaf fibers, which are gathered by partner farming cooperatives in the Philippines. Our Pinatex fibers are a by-product of the pineapple harvest and provide new additional income for farmers. No extra land, water, fertilizer or pesticides are required for the production. And no pineapple is harmed in the process.

Piñatex is strong, breathable, soft, light, flexible, water resistant and absolutely easy to maintain. By impregnating your product before use, you protect it from stains. Piñatex is easy to clean by hand with a damp cloth.

zoom of the side of the brown shoulder bag where as the body is made of pinatex and shows the side with a press button and a zip pocket sewn in the lining and the adjustable string is made out of vegan leather
front view of an upstanding brown shoulderbag with a flap cover and adjustable string in vegan leather and the shape of the body of the bag is in Pinatex and can change volume by closing the press buttons on the sides

Details & Dimensions

Our eco friendly vegan brown Pinatex Shoulder bag, has a particularly nice touch. It’s made from naturally processed Piñatex and vegan leather. PEGGY is an elegant and minimalistic bag, that allows you to always have your favorite belongings with you. A strong invisible magnetic opening makes sure that your possessions are kept safe. Besides the main compartment, the front zip-pocket and the extra back compartment offer generous storage space and help you to keep your things organized. The press-buttons on the sides allow you to reduce or enlargen the bags volume. Thanks to the the adjustable shoulder straps, carrying the PEGGY bag is even more comfortable. Made in Portugal under fair conditions.

Additional information

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