Valentine’s Day Gift List

It happened again – you fell in love. And Valentine’s day is coming! Now what? Well, you either gift yourself
some of our amazing INA KOELLN wearables to meet your love head-on, OR you offer them to your significant other,
for maximum relationship points. Either way, you can’t lose.
Check out our gift list for Valentine’s day! 


Now all gift list items are %30 OFF.




Our Liam and Leo wallets are our take on the endless love story between wallets and pockets. Handmade locally and ethically in Portugal.

Either in black and caramel fish leather or black leather solo, they’re perfect wallets: sleek, beautiful, with a minimalist design and big enough to only store all your important things.


Oh, you actually just wanted some black, drama-free pair of gloves? Then our Poldi Gloves are just for you. We made them work on any style and on everybody, stripping them of anything unnecessary. In black leather and sheepskin lining, they are just that: a beautiful pair of functional black gloves. 



Looking for soft, fuzzy mittens to warm your winter looks? You’re in luck! Our Piper gloves were created for just that purpose. Either in black sheepskin or black leather, they’ll keep you warm and they’ll keep you stylish.


Leather shines on our Lena gloves. Half goat leather! half salmon leather! All beautiful! In caramel and black, we made them not only to be chic, practical and warm: we also made them be like no other. 

Image Credit: Luca Abbadati