Sheepskin Gloves



Night was starting to fade away and the cold of dawn brought him back to reality. The party had dissolved onto the street, one uber or taxi at a time, and the first buses of day were starting to appear, still empty, looking for sleepy people to swallow whole. The trip back home would begin as soon as he started walking. But the violet gleams shredding the sky, his ears still ringing with echoes from dark clouds of sound, and that cold, that unbearable cold – all of that was stopping him in his tracks. He reached for his pockets, and there he felt – his POLDI gloves. Against the dawning sun, with the sheepskin lining warming his fingers and palms, a bearable trip back home could now begin.

Sizes: 7.5 -10
Weight: 100g

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Usage & Care

Our leather is very easy to maintain. A dry cloth or a soft brush are the only thing you need to keep it looking perfect. In order to protect the products from being stained, a water and stain repellent suitable for leather can be applied.

Sheepleather Glove
Sheepskin Gloves

Details & Dimensions

Gloves made from soft but durable sheepskin. The fluffy lining keeps your hands warm even on the coldest winter days.

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